Stories from ancient Greece

Show destined to schools with actress, shadows, puppets

Performed, designed and directed by Nadia Imperio

Immortal tales, just like gods in ancient Greece, tell stories about heroes and heroines, strong passions and sharp intelligences: queen Dido, whose wit made the foundation of Carthage possible; the cunning Ulysses, who entered the walls of Troy using the trick of the horse. And which was the unfortunate adventure of Icarus, who dared to fly towards the sun? How could Perseus kill the horrible Medusa avoiding her lethal look? Which brilliant solution was found by Arianna to help Theseus getting rid of awful Minotaur? But, first tale of the tales, how all this could begin?

The narrator reveals what happened; through lyrical or comical moments the characters enter or exit the stage commented each time by little Bruno and Mila who, like a Greek chorus, observe their actions asking young audience their own questions and doubts: why and how things happen? A world made of fascinating or horrible creatures, obstacles to overcome, achievements to realise is presented to the viewers, tracing an ancient path still able in our times to stir our emotions and intelligence.

The show is designed to use different techniques and languages: from acting and interacting with audiences to puppet theatre (shadows and hand puppets), through music and singing, all meant as a suggestion for the teachers to practise follow-up activities with the children throughout the year.


  • Title: Stories from ancient Greece
  • Author: Nadia Imperio
  • Technique: hand puppets, shadows, narration
  • Audience: 3 to 10
  • Running time: 50 minutes
  • Formato: Medio
  • Set up: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Pack up: 1 hour
  • Venues: schools, libraries, cultural centres
  • Stage dimensions: 4,5 metres x 3 metres
  • The company will bring its own light and sound system, unless differently arranged.