Una sera con Nora

A night with Nora

(and some guest stars)

Performed, designed and directed by Nadia Imperio

‘A night with Nora’ is a puppet show of sit-down comedy. Nora, leading character in the show “Under the Strings”, inventor of the first sit-down comedy in the world, “Nora’s armchair”, and of web puppet series “Notflix, the first network in the world”-born during Covid pandemic-meets her conspiratorial audience, reading from her inseparable book some original stories so unlikely to seem true. There’s only one thing missing, the happy ending: just the end remains. As Jim used to say, this is the end, my only friend, the end…the moral of the story? Everyone can find his/her own, and the finale is a surprise…

  • Title: A night with Nora
  • Running time: variable, from 20 to 50 minutes (also in two separate acts)
  • Technique: string puppets
  • Venues: private homes and clubs, libraries, spaces dedicated to cabaret, small and protected green areas or squares
  • Stage dimensions: 3metres x 3metres
  • The company will bring its own light and sound system, unless differently arranged.

A night with Nora: Video